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Victorias Secret Pink

Analyze the buyer decision process of a typical pink customer Consumers generally follow a certain decision-making process when buying products, particularly new or expensive items. They undergo five steps that include: recognition of need, search information, evaluation of alternatives, purchase, and after purchase behavior. These five steps represent a general process that can be used as a guide for studying how consumers make decisions.Advertising We will write a custom case study sample on Victoria’s Secret Pink specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More It is important to note, though, that consumers’ decisions do not always proceed in order through all of these steps. In fact, the consumer may end the process at any time or may not even purchase products from the Victoria Secrets.  According to the market research females, on average, have a larger deep limbic system than males, implying that they are more in touch wit h their feelings as compared to men. It follows, then, that women are also tapped into emotionally charged images. Psychologists at the State University of New York and Stanford University found that, though emotion-evoking photographs were more likely than emotionally flat images to stick in the brains of both men and women, women were able to remember more of the emotional images over time than could men (Barney 114). Women use more of their brains to process emotional images. They have been found to have an increased ability to bond with and be connected to others-which equip them generally to be the best shoppers. A woman’s brain functions differently than a man’s in decision making. This is not a debate about which gender’s brain is better, per se, because each is simply different in form and function. Understanding these differences gives Victoria Secrets a sound basis from which to launch consideration of female-focused marketing approaches. Apply the con cept of aspirational groups to Victoria Secret’s pink line. Should marketers have boundaries with regard to this concept? The appeals given are some of the appeals which make use of reference group concepts. A reference group in this context is a set of people with whom consumers of Pink products compare themselves to shape their attitudes, values, knowledge and behavior (including buying behavior). These concepts are used by Victoria Secret brands in a number of situations and celebrity usage is one of the vital applications of reference groups. A brand would derive value from celebrity associations if celebrity usage is done in a conceptual manner. Marketers would need to maintain boundaries and understand the aspirational groups with which target consumers may like to associate themselves.Advertising Looking for case study on business economics? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More These aspirational groups would have to be represented in a manner which would appeal to target consumers. There could be three kinds of reference groups. The aspirational group is one which the young teens admire and like to emulate but they are not members. The consumer does not have a face-to-face contact with this group and hence it is a secondary group. Explain how both positive and negative consumer attitudes toward a brand like pink develop? How might someone’s attitude toward pink change? In general, the strength of one’s elaboration likelihood will determine the type of process by which attitudes towards the advertised brand will be formed or changed. The persuasion model in indicates two mechanisms, by which persuasion occurs: at the top, a central route; and at the bottom, a peripheral route. Under certain circumstances, attitudes towards the advertised brand have a high probability of being changed in the direction of the experienced emotion; positive emotional reactions leading to positive bran d attitudes, and negative reactions leading to negative attitudes. Also, because the consumer’s elaboration likelihood is high, it can be expected that any attitude change experienced under the central route will be relatively enduring. Message-based persuasion Attitude formation process results from processing message arguments. When Pink consumers are sufficiently motivated and are able to process a message’s specific arguments or selling points, their cognitive responses may lead to changes in beliefs about the advertised brand or to changes in evaluations of the importance of the brand’s attributes and benefits. In either or both cases, the result is a change in attitude towards the brand. This process is based on the theory of reasoned action (TORA), which proposes that all forms of planned and reasoned behavior have two primary determinants: attitudes and normative influences. What role does pink appear to be playing in the self-concept of Tweens, teens, a nd young adults? Consumption types, whether symbolic, compensatory or voracious, are closely connected to the development of the self, and often intersect through the use of dress. Likewise, as a client at Victoria Secrets goes through a role transition, he or she will likely choose objects believed to signify the new role. Participants often allude to specific brands of clothing as future consumption goals. We therefore, consider the role of brands like Pink within symbolic consumption at various stages of teens, teens and adults, and to the ultimate transformation of the self. Brands and the Self Brands provide benefits to the consumer. For instance, Barney argues that brands can act as consumers’ partners and that â€Å"consumer-brand relationships are valid at the level of lived experience† (112).Advertising We will write a custom case study sample on Victoria’s Secret Pink specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More A search for the common ground between a brand and consumer has resulted in the development of five dimensions of the brand-consumer relationship: sincerity, excitement, competence, sophistication, and ruggedness (Berry 16). These five dimensions are perceptions identified and defined by the consumer, which serve as symbols of the similarity between the product’s attributes and uses. The relationship between the consumer and a brand requires a degree of emotional commitment from both parties. Branding that appeals to the consumer’s emotions, allows the brand and consumer to together construct their own â€Å"story: which in turn, justifies further use of the brand Works Cited Barney, Hansen. â€Å"Trustworthiness as a Source of Competitive Advantage.† Building New Forms of Cooperation in a Volatile Economy. (2009): 112-18. Print. Berry, Bendapudi. â€Å"Clueing in Customers†. Communicating in times of Uncertainty. (2002): 2-29. Print. This case study on Victoria’s Secret Pink was written and submitted by user GwenStacy to help you with your own studies. You are free to use it for research and reference purposes in order to write your own paper; however, you must cite it accordingly. You can donate your paper here.

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Queen Hathseput essays

Queen Hathseput essays Hatshepsut was the first female ruler who ever ruled in all the history of the world. She was the most remarkable women that influenced history as a whole as well as Egypt itself. She was the first female pharaoh who ever ruled Egypt. Hatshepsut came to be by her parents TuthmoseI and Aahmes. She had two brothers who died prematurely and she was the favorite child. Unfortunately her two brothers both died. Since she was the only child left, she would become heir to the throne when her father dies. Hatshepsut's family tree made it easier to understand and it is a bit complex. It starts with Hatshepsut's parents' parents. Senseneb was married to AmenhotepI and had Tuthmose I, but Amenhotep I, also had a child with Aahotpou II and they had Aahmes, who Tuthmose I married. Tuthmose I and Aahmes had three children. They had two sons named Ouazmosou and Amenmosou who both died prematurely. Their third child was none other than Hatshepsut. Her father, Tuthmose I had a son with a commoner named Moutnofrit, their son was named Tuthmose II. Hatshepsut and her half-brother Tuthmose II were married. There is more to thisfamily tree that I will discuss later. When Hatshepsut's father died they became the new rulers of Egypt. Tuthmose I died in1512 and it became Tuthmose II and Hatshepsut's turn to rule. Tuthmose II was the one who was to gain the throne, but it was said that for the few years of his reign, Hatshepsut was doing most of the decision making. Hatshepsut had a child but it was very likely that it was her lovers, Senmut. But also Tuthmose II had a son with a commoner whose name was Isis. Their son was named Tuthmose III. Tuthmose II was pharaoh for only three or four years. Archeologists found some markings on the surface of his mummy that indicate that he had died of skin disease. His son with Isis, Tuthmose III, was too young so Hatshepsut was the person chosen to rule since Tuthmose III worshipped as a priest of the god Amon...

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The Story of George Crum, Inventor of the Potato Chip

The Story of George Crum, Inventor of the Potato Chip George Crum (born George Speck; July 15, 1824 – July 22, 1914) was a renowned African-American chef who worked at Moon’s Lake House in Saratoga Springs, New York during the mid-1800s. According to culinary legend, Crum invented the potato chip during his work at the restaurant. Fast Facts: George Crum Known For: Widely credited with inventing potato chips when he sliced an order of French fries extra-thin to spite a demanding customer. The story has since been debunked as a myth, but Crum achieved success when he opened  Crums, a popular restaurant in Malta, New York.  Also Known As: George SpeckBorn: July 15, 1824, in Saratoga Springs,  New York, USADied: July 22, 1914, in Malta, New York, USA The Potato Chip Legend   George Speck was born to parents Abraham Speck and Diana Tull  on July 15, 1824. He grew up in upstate New York and was hired at Moons Lake House in the 1850s. Moon’s Lake House was a high-end restaurant that catered to wealthy Manhattan families when Speck was hired. A  regular patron of the restaurant,  Commodore Cornelius Vanderbilt, frequently forgot Specks given surname. Vanderbilt  often asked waiters to relay various requests to â€Å"Crum,† thus giving Speck the name he is now known by.   According to popular legend, the potato chip was invented when a picky customer (Vanderbilt himself, according to some reports) repeatedly sent back an order of  French fries, complaining that they were too thick. Frustrated with the customer’s demands, Crum sought revenge by slicing a batch of potatoes paper-thin, frying them to a crisp, and seasoning them with lots of salt. Surprisingly, the customer loved them.  Soon enough, Crum and Moons Lake House became well-known  for their special â€Å"Saratoga chips.†Ã‚   Disputing the Legend   A number of notable accounts  have disputed the story of Crums culinary innovation. Recipes for frying thin potato slices had already been published in cookbooks  by the early 1800s. Several reports on Crum himself, including a  commissioned biography of the chef published in 1893 and his own obituary, were curiously missing any mention of potato chips whatsoever.   Crums sister, Kate Wicks, claimed to be the real inventor of the potato chip. Wick’s obituary, published in The Saratogian in 1924, read, A sister of George Crum, Mrs. Catherine Wicks, died at the age of 102, and was the cook at Moon’s Lake House. She first invented and fried the famous Saratoga Chips. This statement  is supported by Wicks’ own recollections of the tale, which was published in several periodicals during her lifetime. Wicks explained that she had sliced off a sliver of potato that inadvertently fell into a hot frying pan. She let Crum taste it and his enthusiastic approval led to the decision to serve the chips. Crums Legacy Visitors came far and wide to Moons Lake House for a taste of the famous Saratoga chips, sometimes even taking a 10-mile trip around the lake just to get to the restaurant. Cary Moon, the owner of Moon’s Lake House, later tried to claim credit for the invention and began producing and distributing potato chips in boxes. Once Crum opened his own restaurant in the 1860s, called Crum’s, he provided every table with a basket of chips.   Crum’s chips remained a local delicacy until the 1920s when a salesman and entrepreneur named Herman Lay began traveling throughout the south and introducing potato chips to different communities throughout the country. At that point, Crums legacy was overtaken  by the mass production and distribution of potato chips on a national scale. Sources George Crum Dies at Saratoga Lake,  The (Saratoga Springs) Saratogian.  July 27, 1914.  Another Claims Potato Chip Idea,†Ã‚  Glens Falls Post Star.  August 4, 1932Barrett Britten, Elizabeth  [Jean McGregor]. Chronicles of Saratoga, Saratoga Springs, NY. Bradshaw 1947.Bradley, Hugh. Such Was Saratoga.  New York, 1940. 1940, 121-122.Dearborn, R.F.  Saratoga and How to See It. Albany, New York. 1871.  Gruse, Doug. Chipping Away at History.  Post-Star, Glens Falls, New York. November 25, 2009Kitchiner, William.  The Cook’s Oracle; Containing Receipts for Plain Cookery, on the Most Economical Plan for Private Families. 4th ed. A. Constable and Co. of Edinburgh and London.Lee, N.K.M.  The Cooks Own Book: Being A Complete Culinary Encyclopedia.  Boston, Munroe, and Francis. New York, Charles E. Francis, and David Felt. 1832.

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Appeal Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 1

Appeal - Essay Example Therefore, I and my younger sister have suffered severe anxiety and melancholy afterward. My younger sibling has become suicidal after this tragic incident as she could not accept the realistic fact of death. Previously my younger sibling lived in Canada for her studies, but after her several attempts of suicide; I could not leave her on her own, took her under my wings. Right now, I am struggling with my own anxiety, focusing on my sister’s rehabilitation and trying to be empathetic towards my father. I am physically and sentimentally exhausted and could not focus on my studies, which resulted in low grades. After my mother’s demise, my father urges me to return to Korea as he also feels lonely and gloomy. I have become sleep deprived and struggling with emotional and physical demands of my family every day and in the meantime barely getting any sleep like a normal person. I have visited counseling center for the same sake and received medical assistance from the hospi tal as well. I do not want to leave my studies in between as I have always been eager to complete my graduation from the University. However, I am trying to recover from the tragic incident and struggling to manage my family life and studies for which I will need your support and empathy as well. If I am reinstated, I will focus much better on my schoolwork, take fewer hours, and manage my time more wisely. Fortunately, my father is recovering and has returned to work, so I should not need to travel home nearly as often.

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The Economic Motive Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

The Economic Motive - Essay Example But in the rights of everyone, he busted everyone's lives among those 200+ people. Upon examining the case with the (3) three facts beyond a reasonable doubt is the opportunity, where Mr. Lee is said to be proven as he have the crime at hand. He also has the ability to do the crime. But the motive of him is somewhat unpredictable since don't mean to hurt these people but he is just doing what his ancestors are doing before him. In here the problem will be circulating at the situation on which is much better to measure his weakness. Will it be the opportunity and ability or his motive Glifonea stated again that , if u have been with or have any connection with the crime, we cannot call it not a crime doer, because what he did is also a crime, even we look at it on any other sides. As time passes by, our society, and the whole wide world are also changing. Why ot Mr. Lee's generation change their old tradition Kevin Bales said "Slavery is a horrible thing". As if everybody will look at this case, people might say it's too crude and tyrannous. And we should not treat other people mean fully.

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Assignment Questions and Answers Essay Example for Free

Assignment Questions and Answers Essay b) Explain the importance of the mission statement, the vision and the goal of an organization A mission statement defines what an organization is, why it exists, its reason for being. It helps guide the actions of the organization, spell out its overall goal, provide a path, and guide decision-making. A vision statement is a description of a companys values and its long-term goals. It helps an organization prepare for the future. A goal is an observable and measurable end result having one or more objectives to be achieved within a more or less fixed timeframe. It helps motivate members by clarifying and communicating what the organization is striving to achieve. Both the mission and vision statement help the organization focus on what is really important. Although the organization knows what it is trying to do to improve your community, its easy to lose sight of this when dealing with the day-to-day hassles that plague all organizations. The mission and vision statements help members remember what is important as they go about doing your daily work. The mission and vision statements also let other individuals and organizations have a snapshot view of whom the organization is and what it wants to do. When the vision and mission statements are easily visible (for example, if they are on the letterhead of your stationary), people can learn about your organization without having to work hard for the information. c) Discuss why an organization would carry out an environmental analysis, GAP analysis and SWOT analysis An Environmental Analysis evaluates internal and external factors affecting an organizations performance, especially its marketing effort. Internal factors are referred to as the strengths and weaknesses of the organization. External factors are opportunities and threats presented by forces outside of the company. In general, this information is used by strategic planners in forecasting trends a year or more in advance. This method is distinct from surveillance, which focuses on a specific area or time. A common synonym for environmental analysis is SWOT analysis, an acronym for strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. Another equivalent term is environmental scanning, referring to the ongoing nature of evaluating trends. In this type of analysis, internal strengths may include a stable workforce, proprietary systems and methods, and other factors. Internal weaknesses may include labor-union problems, obsolete equipment, or aging facilities. External opportunities can include new-market creation, beneficial alliances, and positive trade agreements. External threats may be comprised in part of negative governmental regulations, international conflict, or natural disasters. Using environmental analysis, an organization can evaluate the operating environment and establish organizational goals. They determine whether or not the goals are obtainable with existing strategies. GAP Analysis is the process through which a company compares its actual performance to its expected performance to determine whether it is meeting expectations and using its resources effectively. Gap analysis seeks to answer the questions where are we? (current state) and where do we want to be? (target state). Conducting a gap analysis can help a organization re-examine its goals to determine whether it is on the right path to be able to accomplish them. An organization will list the factors that define its current state, outline the factors that are required to reach the target state, and then determine how to fill the gaps between the two states. QUESTION 3 Discuss the main factors that should be considered to effectively implement the organizations strategic plan Implementation effectiveness can be measured by how well the business meets the financial projections set out in the strategic plan. To achieve effective implementation, a business must ensure that any changes initiated by the strategic plan are reflected in areas such as budgeting, reward schemes and information systems. The overall goal is to integrate the results of strategic planning with daily, weekly and monthly routines. The goals articulated in the strategic plan should drive marketing and sales efforts, human resources practices and research and development. These goals become a central part of the business by guiding daily operational activities.

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Predicting the Future of the United States Economy Essay -- economics

It is to my belief that no one can possibly predict the future of the economy. Because of this we are faced with many questions that cannot be easily answered. Will the economy recover drastically or simply continue to increase moderately? Or could the economy in turn go into a recession? â€Å"There's been plenty of good news about the U.S. economy†¦ employment is expanding (2.4 million new payroll jobs in the last year); inflation remains low (less than a 2 percent rate in the past quarter); the stock market is higher (up 11 percent on the Dow from its November low), and business investment is impressive (rising at a 14 percent rate in late 2004).† (1) It is my opinion that unless something drastic happens in the world today, positive or negative, the economy will continue to increase at a modest rate. Even though no one quite knows which way our economy is heading, there are many economic concepts designed to help measure positive and negative changes that can show us how well we are or are not doing. These concepts include examples such as gross domestic product (GDP), business cycle, and unemployment rate. It is only human nature to want economy growth because it will lead to higher incomes and higher living standards. In order to see which direction our economy is heading and measure our economic performance, a system was invented that measures the value of all final goods and services produced within a country during a specific period of time, usually a year. This system it called gross domestic product (GDP). These figures are closely watched by those in the business and financial communities to measure our economy’s growth. GDP is a measure of the economy’s output. It is measured by counting all final goods and services once and only once that are produced during a current period, within the country. GDP can be measured by totaling the expenditures on goods and services produced during a specific time frame. This is referred to as the expenditure approach. Conversely, GDP can be reached by adding the income payments to resources suppliers and the other costs of producing those goods and services. Production of goods and services can be costly because it requires resources that cannot be used else where. These expenses generate incomes for resource suppliers. Therefore, this method of calculating GDP is referred to as resource cost-income a... ... The rate of unemployment is an important measurement of the conditions in the total labor market. The rate of unemployment is the percentage of people in the labor force who are unemployed. It is equal to the number of people unemployed divided by the number of people in the labor force multiplied by 100. The department of Labor indicates five reasons why people may experience unemployment. These reasons included: new entrants, reentrants, job leavers, dismissed, on layoff. As the world changes, new products are introduced and new technologies are developed, some unemployment is inevitable. However, there can be a positive side to job searching because an individual can possibly find a better job. Even though no one can quite know which way our economy is heading, by closely observing our gross domestic product (GDP), business cycle, and unemployment rate we will have a better understanding. Because our world is so dynamic, there are so many variables that can change in an instant creating a peak or recession in our economy. The most important thing to remember, however, is neither a peak nor recession last forever so the only thing that remains constant is change.